What Hair Colours for Men are There In the Market to Experiment With

Colouring the hairs isn’t something new. Since the 1800s,hair colours for men have been prevalent. With the change in time and eagerness to stand out of the crowd, hair coloursin general witnessed the rise in its demand. Technological breakthroughs have resulted in an innovation of new options in hair colours, and we’re already seeing a lot of them on the streets. Outlandish hair colour and even items for the male market are no longer uncommon. Some men consider themselves chameleons and like wearing their hair in a variety of colours. Some guys choose to conceal their grey spots with a different colour, while others want to wear contrasting colours as a fashion statement.

Let us discuss What colours should be kept in mind while choosing the hair colours for men?

What is the greatest hair colour for me?

  1. Hair colour for men: black and white

It’s possible that vertical hair colour parting isn’t for everyone. In either case, most guys will look good in a white shirt with a black skin fade. You’ll still have the contrast, and your overall hairdo will be stunning.

  1. Cool brown hair colour.

If a dark brown colour like coffee is too dark for you, go for a lighter medium brown. Regardless of eye or skin colour, it’s just as unobtrusive. At the same time, progressively lightening black or dark brown hair might be a good strategy.

  1. Reddish brown hair colour for men

In general, the slightest hue in a hair colour may make the most difference. If you have dark eyes, a much lighter tint might draw attention to them. In this case, a reddish brown tone can be the finest way to boost your appearance.

  1. Coffee brown hair colour.

For males who love natural tones, this hair colour is ideal. A deep coffee brown, for example, can let you simply integrate into any surroundings. It’s especially good for males who wish to change their hair colour from light to dark.

  1. Milk chocolate hair colour

A creamy milk chocolate colour emerges as we progress towards warmer browns. It looks fantastic on all hair types, from straight to wavy. Despite its striking intensity, it has a natural-looking earth tone that is appropriate for all males.

  1. Men’s Caramel Colour Fusion Mix

Do you want to go on an adventure? Consult a qualified hair colourist about blending different brown and blonde hues. Highlights, lowlights, ombre, and balayage may all be used to create a lovely colour gradient. If you’re unfamiliar with the concepts we just discussed, don’t panic; your stylist will know what to do.

What hair colours for men should I apply if I am a man in the younger age bracket?

Godrej offers a wide range of hair colours for men to choose from, which are Natural Black, Black Brown, Burgundy, Dark Brown, and Natural Brown.

If experimentation is something you can do, here are some hair colour ideas for men you can sport.

The sun scratch

White blonde, in the shape of frosty spikes, was formerly the most popular hair colour for males. Thankfully, that look isn’t coming back. Guys, on the other hand, should feel free to help themselves to a few strategically placed highlights. Take a look at how they light up your hair and skin like highlights of Brad Pitt.

Brown radiance

You may wonder how brown becomes “radiant.” Brown may appear to be a dull hair colour for men with very mild highlights and highlights, but give it some complexity and natural features of colour, and brunette becomes a winner.

Golden glimmers

Never, ever,  hide your goldy locks from the spotlight. At every chance, flaunt your curly tresses. In fact, it attracts attention. Golden brown is a traditional hair colour for men that looks well with dark brown. Like a burst of golden champagne bubbles, those blasts of gold are brilliant.

Ginger Uprising

Perhaps it’s because of Ed Sheeran or Rupert Grint, but red is currently a fashionable hair colour for guys. You get all of the sex appeal without any of the comments about redheads lacking souls. Consider changing your name to Redhead. This is a trend we like.

Almonds, roasted

Have you noticed how men’s fashion trends shift from excessive to subtle? Even with natural hair colours, though, men are shying away from the dull classic tints. This isn’t your ordinary brown hair colour for men. It has golden undertones and hints of almond.

Brown Chocolate

The ever youth hair colour for men is chocolate brown with faint highlights. With streaks of lighter brown and gold, avoid making it too matte and soft.

Men’s blonde hair colour

One of the greatest hair colour combinations a man can ask for is blonde hair with caramel or black hair. With the hair swept to the side, this textured haircut really brings out the colour.

What hair colours for men should I apply if I am a man in the older age bracket?

Grey hair is a natural part of the ageing process. Some men desire to refresh them, but not at the expense of their mature image. Many elderly men prefer to colour their hair in order to feel more alive, to improve their appearance, and to avoid becoming trapped in time.

As a result, using pastel or brightly coloured dyes is not the ideal choice. Turn to opaque colours if you want to feel young and energetic; avoid dyes with coppery or red reflections at all costs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for some regal eccentricity—often contrast—a jet-black coat with azure accents might be ideal. It could give you the ethereal feel you’re after.

When it comes to hair colours for men, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Fading is an inescapable fact of life.

Consider that bleaching is required before picking your preferred hue, since it will create your hair a blank canvas on which to work with any colour you want.

2. You must make use of the appropriate items.

The dying method to show off hair colours for men can be tiring for your hair, despite its pleasant appearance. As a result, consider giving it some extra attention with coloured hair products like Godrej hair colour shampoo.

3. Regular maintenance is essential.

Brightly coloured hair, in contrast to standard colouring, fades more fast. Maintain your colour by seeing your colourist every five to six weeks at the very least and spacing out washes as much as possible. If you like to dye yourself with the Godrej hair colouring products, you can do that yourself in regular intervals at your home itself.

#Pro Tip

If your hair is too short, you might just need a third of the dye container to cover it. Using too much colourant can result in an excessive deposit on the hair, giving it a dark, saturated appearance.

Godrej Hair colour shampoo

Godrej has established itself as an Indian household name with a good range of hair products. Godrej hair colour shampoo allows you to colour your hair instantly with the goodness of amla and shikakai that rejuvenates your hair with essential nutrients.

If done correctly, men with dyed hair appear handsome and stylish. There’s no reason why guys can’t have as much fun with their hair as women do, so check out the most popular Godrej hair colours for men and select a new style.