The rise in popularity of the ultra luxury handbag

(By: Jorge Gonzalez S, founder of

Just a couple of decades ago hearing of a one thousand dollar handbag was something out of the ordinary and only the rich and famous could think of owning such an item. Long gone are those times.

The ultra expensive handbag has become a staple of any fashionista’s closet. And not only one but in many case multiple examples of them.

A Louis Vuitton bag in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 used to be the “It” item or something to brag about, today  such a bag has become almost an entry level luxury bag. With names like Celine, Dior and especially Hermes  it is common to see regular bags surpassing the $20,000 for entry level models. The more collectible examples fetching as high as a quarter million dollars.

Bags like the Hermes Birkin , and Hermes Kelly have become so popular that they are now seen not only as the It fashion item for the rich and famous but also as a magnificent investment instrument. Some of them increasing in value right after purchasing them.

Given the long waiting lists to acquire a new one and how difficult it can be to be on a list to buy one, their popularity and demand have only increased in recent years.

This phenomenon has also created another interesting phenomenon, the rise of the pre-owned (or commonly known “pre-loved”) market. Turns out there is a huge market of pre-owned bags just sitting in closets all over the world, not being worn, but accruing value.

Those bags  can be made available immediately to purchase for those who cannot be on a waiting list and for the seller they can be a magnificent source of cash perhaps to acquire some newer fashion items.

Many factors played a role in making it completely normal to see bags surpassing the $20,000 mark regularly worn, one of them can be the rise of social media and influencers appearing to be successful and rich and wearing such bags as the it item and their followers dying to have what their idosl are wearing and paying an arm and a leg to acquire it. Another factor could be the fast increase in wealth in countries like the U.S.A, China and  India. 

The truth is this is a trend that appears to be here to stay and we all have to adapt to the times and think if we want to have a fashion item to brag about it will no longer cost a couple of thousand dollars. It will cost tens of thousands of dollars. But on the good side, it might be a good investment over time.