Suggestions for sending a gift to a Chinese person

Perhaps you have a close friend from China and are ready to give her a gift. If you want to send gift to china, it is important to know the etiquette of Chinese gifts. Read on and we’ll tell you some suggestions for Chinese gifts.

1. Fruits

Fruit is always a good gift choice. When giving fruit to a person, seasonal fruit is a good choice unless you know exactly what the person prefers. In fact, fruit that can be used as a fruit basket is blessed with a meaningful message. Presenting the other person with a basket full of fresh fruit is guaranteed to be a hit.

2. Tea and Chinese tea sets

China has a long history of tea culture. High quality tea leaves and beautiful Chinese tea sets are perfect for gift giving for all occasions, especially for elders. Hint, beautiful packaging is important and it is great to have high quality tea leaves in a beautiful tin. Tea sets are both beautiful and practical, making them a great gift. Tea sets made of ceramic are often the most popular.

3. Red packets

Traditionally, red envelopes, also known as “New Year’s money”, are given to children by their elders on red paper during the Chinese New Year. In Chinese culture, it often represents the meaning of “celebration”. Giving money in red envelopes (hóngbāo) is a very common practice in China, not just during the Chinese New Year, but even at weddings or birthdays. What you need to consider at this time is the number taboo in this country. Remember that the Chinese like the number 4 because it sounds like “death” in Chinese. A common choice for red envelopes for newlyweds is the number 9, which in Chinese sounds like “longevity”. Isn’t that interesting?

4. Flowers, plants and cacti

Flowers and plants always bring to mind the vibrant life force that has the power to heal people. If you want to send Flowers to China, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great choice.If you want to send plants, succulents and cacti are a great gift option as they are easy to care for, extremely cute and popular. They are easy to care for, extremely cute and very popular.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is a common gift for every gift-giving occasion. And alcohol comes in a wide variety, offering you a wide range of choices. Foreign spirits may be a better gift idea, as they are more difficult to buy in China. A good bottle of wine, whisky or even champagne can go a long way.

6. Books

Books are a timeless and memorable gift. If your friend is also fond of reading books, this is certainly a wonderful and romantic choice. The choice of books can be novels, poetry books or illustrated books. The point of giving books is to share the wonderful moments you experience from them with as many people as possible.

With the New Year fast approaching, what gifts have you prepared for your family or friends? Feel free to leave your ideas.