Shine like never before with solitaire diamond rings!

Bold, bright, and beautiful – nothing can match the sparkling charm of a stunning solitaire diamond. Diamonds have always been a symbol of wealth and royalty, and despite so many different cuts, shapes and sizes, their elegance remains unmatched! And, what better way than to complete your jewellery collection than a beautiful solitaire diamond ring? These can come in plenty of designs, sizes, and shapes, but no matter which one you choose, the beauty of each is guaranteed to be exquisite!

Why get a solitaire diamond ring?

If you are wondering why a solitaire diamond ring is any better than a regular diamond, then check out these few reasons why it can be an exceptional addition to your collection:

  • It elevates the beauty of the stone, making it more noticeable and prominent!
  • It allows more light to pass through, increasing the amount of light reflected.
  • Solitaire diamond rings can be easy to clean and maintain.
  • It provides a very classic and elegant look that will not fail to take the spotlight.

Begin with setting

When it comes to the solitaire diamond rings, you need to consider the setting in which your solitaire is placed. The setting of the diamond can play a massive role in the design of the jewellery itself. The popular types of setting for these rings are:

  1. Prong

One of the most popular settings for diamonds on rings is the prong setting. The setting features four or more metal claws that hold the stone tighter in place. The shape of how the prongs are attached depends on the shape and the size of the diamond.

  1. Halo

Make your solitaire sparkle more than anything else with a halo style setting! The setting would feature a huge solitaire central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds that give the viewer an illusion of one huge diamond. The halo is a beautiful setting for a solitaire diamond ring and is a classic option for engagement and wedding rings!

  1. Bezel

The bezel is another standard setting for diamonds, featuring thin metal frames that wrap around the diamond completely. The best thing about the bezel setting is that it allows you to customise the metal rim and personalise your solitaire diamond ring.

A solitaire diamond ring can be an excellent addition to your jewellery collection, perfect for any outfit and occasion. So, get the most out of your jewellery and browse through the many design options to get one that suits your preferences and personality the most!