Maintain Your Hair Extensions Like a Pro at Home With These Tips!

Let us admit ourselves. Great length hair extensions can be a total game-changer when it comes to achieving voluminous hair and changing your appearance. With the extensions being easily manageable, getting your hair done and getting back your confidence is an amazing feeling. However, after getting extensions, the main task is to take care of them properly and with utmost care. If you do so, you can expect the results to look amazing and last way longer. At the same time, failure to take proper care of them can have their own consequences. 

Taking care of them is no rocket science. All you need is the right guidance, and this blog will help you with practical tips to maintain your beautiful extensions without stress. 

  1. Treat your extensions like your real hair

Extensions should be treated like your own hair. The way you would take care of your natural hair with proper oiling and masks, you need to give the same attention. Oil and massage your hair twice a week. Additionally, condition them with hair masks once a week to maintain their shiny and healthy look. 

  1. Brush your hair regularly. 

We all have natural oils in our scalp, and brushing them allows us to separate this oil throughout the hair. Additionally, if you brush your extension regularly, you will avoid the tangles from forming, preventing you from damaged and broken hair. Also, ensure that you invest in a good quality brush made specifically for extensions. 

  1. Shampoo your extensions regularly

Overdoing and underdoing are equally damaging. Shampoo your hair with the perfect balance to remove accumulated dirt and keep your extension healthy. It is advisable to opt for sulfate-free shampoo, and you should also go with one that is made specifically for extensions. You can also seek help from a stylist to help you pick a shampoo. 

  1. Dry your hair properly. 

One of the most tempting things we do is to just wash our hair, towel dry, and go about our day. However, doing this is a big no for extensions. In order to keep them healthy, you should use a microfiber towel to remove excess moisture from the hair after coming out of the shower. Let them air dry as much as possible. Moreover, you should avoid using hair dryers since they can damage your extensions. In case you really need to use it, keep the heat as low as possible. 

Remember, maintaining your hair extensions is an on-going process. Regularly schedule appointment with your stylist who can help in checking up the tightness and provide tips to keep them healthy.