How to choose the perfect hair topper

Selecting the perfect hair toppers for women can be challenging if you jump into the market not prepared in terms of knowledge of the different types of toppers and what each has to offer. Continue reading as we discuss what hair toppers are and how you can find a top piece suitable for you.

Hair toppers are essentially partial wigs, also known as wiglets. It’s ideal for individuals who remain to have the majority of their hair intact and are looking to add volume to their thinning hair. It can also work if you have a full set of hair and just looking to spice up your look while looking natural.

There are a variety of hair toppers to address every stage of hair loss as they have hairpieces in different bases, lengths, and textures suited to your liking.

Identify the level of your hair loss

There are three major hair loss stages – beginning, progressive, and advanced.

The beginning stage is when you start losing minimal amounts of hair. It starts off in a diffused pattern on the top of the head.

Progressive is when the hair loss begins to look more noticeable, and this is when you might consider solutions for your hair loss.

Finally, the advanced stage of hair loss is when there is a significant amount of hair loss, and the scalp becomes visible – in this stage, hairpieces are ideal as they can solve your problem eminently and are convenient with time and money.

Determining the volume of hair loss is a significant factor to consider when finding the perfect hairpiece. It will identify if you need a partial wig or a hairpiece that provides more hair coverage like a wig.

Choosing the base

When it comes to choosing a base for a human hair topper, it depends on what you’re looking for in a hairpiece.

If you’re looking for a natural-looking hair topper, go for lace or an ultra-thin poly top piece as the material of the base is thin – it will provide an undetectable hairline which is great for natural looks.

However, if you prefer durability and more hair density – in other words, if you want more volume, opt for a monofilament base hairpiece. It’s important to note that they look less natural than the thinner base hairpieces.

What to look for in length

There are various ways to look for the ideal length in a topper. You can have a human hair topper that’s a little shorter than your natural hair length to provide a layered look. If you prefer to have long hair, go for a topper that goes beyond your current hair length – they both work well, depending on the style you’re going for.

A mistake you should avoid is purchasing a long-length hair topper for women and then cutting it down short, as it’s a waste of your hard-earned money. To ensure you have the perfect measurement of your head, grab a measuring tape – place it at the top of your head and measure all the way to the bottom of your current hair to receive an accurate measurement.

Choosing the right color

When choosing the color for your hairpiece, whether it’s a blonde hair topper or a brown hair topper, ensure that you’re matching it with your current shade of natural hair. If the color of the women’s hair topper doesn’t match your hair, it can seem noticeable — which is not ideal if you’re trying to achieve a natural look.

Superhairpieces make it easy as you can go to their site and toggle between the different colors of the headpiece that you want – the image changes to the specific color, providing a smooth and easy experience.

If you choose to make a custom order, you can always send in a hair sample or color through the mail, and the stylists will find a matching color for your human hair topper.


Hair toppers are ideal for individuals who are facing gradual thinning of the hair and would like to have coverage on specified areas.

You can also use it to add volume to your already existing full-length hair to change up your style.

We recommend you choose a hairpiece that looks undetectable and natural-looking. Moreover, when you’re in the market for partial wigs, look into the color, length, and various bases offered to suit your preferences.