Great Cosplay Selections You Can Make Now

Here are all the steps you need to become a real cosplayer. The images, the choice of the best character and where to find the products for costume and make-up, it’s not easy to become an anime hero or heroine. Obviously the Anime Cosplay Costumes are very important in this case.

Cosplay: Who It Is, What It Does and What It Means

The word Cosplay derives from the union of the English words “costume” (costume) and “play” (game or interpretation). The term indicates the activity of transforming oneself, wearing the role of a character. A distinctive feature is also the behavior: the cosplayer in fact does not just wear a dress, as a model would do, but lives the character trying to reproduce its character, gestures and ways of doing. Cosplay is the identification of a role, through the costume, accessories and actions.

The art of cosplay, born in 1939 in America, spread only in the late nineties, with great involvement especially in Japan and the United States. In recent years it has also become a common passion in Europe and Italy, with numerous fairs increasingly populated by characters. It is precisely in these events that we see cosplayers enter the scene.

The choice of the character falls on the most disparate fields: manga and anime (especially in Japan and in Asian countries), comics in general, films and TV series, video games, books and advertising. The cross-player is finally the practice of those who choose to disguise themselves as a character opposite to their own sex.

Find Your Character

This is definitely one of the funniest parts of the cosplay world. The characters to choose from are practically infinite, so let your imagination run wild. You can choose between characters from manga, anime, comics, movies and TV series. In addition to the protagonists, it is often fun to choose secondary characters, but still much connoted in costume and attitudes. Expert advice is to definitely choose something that you are passionate about and in which, perhaps, you identify yourself. In fact, the real cosplayer, in addition to the costume, must also be able to express the movements and mood of that character. So choose a figure that you feel yours, it will be easier to interpret it.

Also evaluate your face: you will find out how many similarities you can have. In case you find similarities between your face and that of an actor, use the affinity to surprise.

Start With The Simple Things.

There are simple costumes and others that are extremely complex. If you choose to create everything yourself, carefully evaluate the characteristics of the character you have chosen and his costume. Between wearing the Iron Man armor, the simple Superman cape or the Lupine III suit there is a big difference.

So go step by step, based on your experience. The skill of a cosplayer is also in knowing how to choose the character. You can also aim for more “fun” solutions, which do not require perfection in disguise but only originality. The demon slayer Costumes are absolutely important there.

Trust Those With Experience.

This is an excellent solution for those who want a good level costume, but are beginners, or for more experienced cosplayers who may find it difficult to create more complex accessories. Try contacting cosplay costume workshop. They create costumes and accessories of all kinds with precision and originality. Bring the idea of ​​your character, talk about it together.