Danner Bull Run is ruling the world of work boots with class.

The USA has built these boots with so much dedication that it goes back to 1932. The Danner Bull Run is a work boot, but except for its working boredom, it stays in style whenever one wears it. The full-grain leather quality gives it a perfect blend of strength and soft touch.

Strong but Flexible

Danner Bull Run has perfectly chosen the right leather to give this work boot an unlined aspect. It is simultaneously strong and soft. Through various tests, the leather density and strength have been graded. The company has ensured every possibility to make this strong enough to stand up to work environments for years to come.

Comfortable Wear

On the first note, it may give a vintage look of a classic work boot, but it is perfectly updated with modern comfort. Danner Bull Run has been designed to allow room for soft and sturdy footbeds and to flow with the foot’s anatomy. It thus creates a perfection of both comfort and long-lasting support.


It is found in the details of unseen and shaving down panels of leathers. The craftsmanship gives a more secure fit before sticking and working the creases of the upper. These standards of the Danner Bull run were first set in 1932. The first USA-made Bull Run had the same standards, which ensured the quality of the work boot, which was built to last long.

 Slip Resistant

 The Danner Bull Run has a non marking oil that provides a slip-resistant wedge outsole and a full-grain leather upper. It is available in a round or moc toe. It is lightweight and provides extremely cool comfort while working in the heat. Durable leather uppers hold up to scratches and sparks also. Mic for too gives the style while staying subtle.


These work boots are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, and are super strong and durable with Stitch down construction. Thus Danner Bull run boots took a classic design but are updated with the newest comfort technologies. Steel shank protects toes from major impacts in the shops.