5 Basic Ways to Style Your Nike Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes

Nike Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes are iconic shoes you can flaunt anywhere. They are one of the most popular trainer brands in the world. Moreover, you can also pair them with athleisure, a casual look, or even a suit.

Here are five ways to style your Nike Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes.

1 – Smart Casual

Nike Air Max 97 shoes look amazing with a blazer and a shirt. You may match the color of your shoes with the color of your blazer. It will give a complementing style that won’t look out of place.

2 – Statement Piece

You may also wear a pair of Nike Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes with monochromatic clothing. But, again, the uniqueness course, you are best for more adventurous people. The trick is to keep the rest of your clothing understated, with black being the most suitable option.

3 – Overcoat Combination

Another trendy outerwear piece that can often appear too formal within an outfit is the overcoat. You may combine the coat with Nike Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes. It will further alleviate your attire while remaining stylish. You may also wear a shirt under your jacket that matches the color of your shoes.

4 – Gym Style

Nike sneakers are perfect for working out. Wearing Nike shoes to the gym can boost your spirit, which is necessary for a good workout. Pair the Nike Air Max 97 with grey joggers and a white vest to appear ready for any workout challenge.

5 – Breaking Down the Ultimate Look

Air Max is best known as a casual trainer. But it has evolved and can now be worn with smarter outfits. For example, you may wear a pair of selvage denim and pin-roll the cuffs to draw attention to the sneakers. Along with this, wear a light-colored T-shirt with a jacket over it. Finally, you may complete the look with a backpack that matches the color of the sneakers.

More Tips on Wearing Nike Air Max 97 Jesus Shoes

1 – To get the most of your Nike sneakers, cuff or roll up your pants. It is especially true for slimmer styles.

2 – If your hat, cap, or jacket is a bold color, then you may match your shoes to it.

3 – You may maintain color coordination throughout your clothing. It will help to make your sneakers stand out more.

To Sum It Up

Nike sneakers sell successfully year after year because they offer something for everyone. With the help of this guide, you may pair up your Nike Air Max with stylish outfits. You may also visit Hype Your Beast to find a more stunning Nike collection.